Welcome to Crossfit Holly Springs!

CrossFit Holly Springs offers Classes from 5AM to 7PM; multiple Strength and Conditioning sessions daily, Yoga, Mobility, and Personal Training.

320 Adam Jenkins Memorial Drive Suite 200
Canton GA 30115

Conveniently located immediately off of Exit 14 on Hwy 575, CrossFit Holly Springs offers a 5000 sqft space with air conditioned retail/meeting space, shower, play room for children, and all the equipment you’ll need to get your fitness to the next level. Our innovative staff are dedicated to health and wellness; stop by today and see for yourself!

Getting Started:

CrossFit utilizes a broad range of multi-joint functional movements from three different modalities: weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural (commonly referred to as cardio). We introduce you to the fundamental exercises (Squat, Pull-up, Deadlift, Clean, Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk and their feeder movements) in our On-Ramp classes. These sessions allow all levels of experience to build a stable base from which more complex movements can be learned. You don’t need to have a high current level of fitness before you start CrossFit. We will teach you the movements that are the most efficient for developing fitness, and the weights in your workouts will be scaled to your current capacity. Whether you have a limited background in fitness, or have trained the movements listed above on your own in the past, you will find that being coached in these movements is beneficial for your skill development or refinement.

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